Monday, July 31, 2006

Wow a new blog...

It's been awhile.. since I've written anything here.
That's partially due to the fact that I had been on such a bad run I' had stopped playing for a little and refocused on some other things. Actually was researching various internet-based income ideas, marketing, affiliates, seo, ppcmm, etc.. etc..

Ok enough of that.. back to POKER.. that is what this blog's supposed to be about right. Anyways.. Seem to be getting back on track finally. About fing time. ; ) .. I played 4 tournaments over the last week. One FPP Satellite to the 200$ Sunday event on PS (I donked away all my money as mentioned above) .. I placed in this tourney and got a seat in the 200$ event which I bubbled out on.. So nothing great there.. I was just happy w/the play, and flow, and no insanely ridiculous streaks of river BB's driving me crazy : ) ..

Anyways.. I finally got sick of not having any money in my poker accounts for the first time in a long while, and threw in an extra 50 bucks.. Played a 10$ Stud H/L tourney w/95 particupants that night (a few nights ago) on Full Tilt and finished 2nd for $190... Which was pretty disapointing going in HU since early on HU I took a 109k to 36k chiplead. Blinds were huge though, and the first hand I had a nice low + flush draw turned to midpair w/no low or flush.. Opponent is showing crap and i'm in position calling him down through most of the hand, as he's been picking up his aggression recently... Anyways he ends up with a concealed set as he raises me on the river and my hand never improved beyond a pair from a flush/low draw on fourth.. I held chiplead through most of the tournament, and was my first stud h/l MTT actually I think ever... Could be wrong.. At least anytime since I've had any decent set of skills : ) ..

Yesterday, I played in a 24$ DS 615 Entrant NL Tourney also on Full Tilt. My 2nd hand I double up w/AK w/top pair against someone w/a lower kicker.. K10 I believe he had.. Worried a bit he had hit a set or something similiar, but play dictated otherwise for the most part, and either way at least it was the 2nd hand in and I wouldn't of had to waste my time getting eliminated several hours in.

Shortly after this.. within the next half hour or so.. I played decent.. but what I felt was like shit honestly when I had two nice opportunities to knock people off their whole stacks if played better. one came up 3 way w/Jack high on the flop. I' flopped a set of deuces against two oponents - BB in with J3, and MP+2 in with JQs, while I'm sitting on the button with a set of deuces on 2 diamond board though. One of my deuces is a diamond. EP bets small amount.. MP raises min, and for some reason I reraised min here... Not sure why... Figured the original better would call down.. Hoping he had two small pair, or a flush draw and would call down or reraise, while I put the MP on something along the lines of KJ/QJ/J10/AJ, etc.. The 2 diamonds partially created the minraise which is still silly, .. I should through in some more value in the pot if i was a bit concerned there.. Anyways.. MP calls. turns random unsuited 7 or something similar.. he bets out half pot, and i min raise again. meh. river is another jack.. He puts out an amount similar to his last half pot, but like less than a quarter or so of the current pot. I min raise again. wtf.
Anyways I picked up a decent pot.. Just thought I could of took more from the both of them if played differently. Another similar situation came up a couple hands later in which if played better I think I could have taken them off their stack... No wonder I've been doing so bad lately -- Anyways.. now since I'm seeing how lucky I seem to be today, I kick everyone out of my room that's buggin the shiet outta me and go back to poker .. A while later I f myself royally off of over half my stack with a horribly played AK on a QJ2 bored. Sickly played..

hah.. ok . . So noww... I slow down a bit until this hand comes up: I make a min raise from MP+2 w/89s preflop.. Call a small flop bet w/a flush draw, turn the flush, and at the same time villain hits his Ace high straight with Ace of spades.. (he was holding As10x ..) I check raise villain on the turn AI and he hesitates for awhile and finally calls, to turn over the straight w/nut flush draw. -- He doesn't hit and i'm doubled up again... and back to a little below where I was after the 2nd hand of the tourney. I change my game up and play an aggressive game trying to sneak in a lot of pots from position w/random hands I think I can make due w/when the price is right and build myself back up to 10k pretty quickly. I lose most of my stack again when someone calling w/a non highcard (didn't beat the boards highpair) PP (after seeing me turn up the aggression for a bit -- I had top two pair in this case) rivers a set.. i'm down to 3.5k and change up my game again to tight - conservative, waiting the right opportunities to double up again. ..

I remain shortstacked like this for the next 2-3 hours.. around half way from nothing to average the whole time, until it starts to get in the money w/63 players... Can't remember the exact hands, but now over the next hour in one hand I trippled up, and than with more chips knocked out another player -- Still keeping to a more tight/conservative style of play now, waiting for the right moments to attack though... I manage to move up to 4th place overall with about 20 people left.. with 13 i'm still in 4th place... Gets to the final table, and I haven't played anything since about 13th place as I haven't gotten anything and now i'm about 7th place. Basically.. I knock the first guy out at the final table with pocket jacks against his AK on a AJ5 (all spade flop -- neither of us had any) .. (wtf.. i really needa save HH's .. would be so much easier.) .. anyways somehow i end up hurting again in 7th place or so after a few hands.. oh i recall.. I had J8o on something like a QhJh5 flop HU against a non-raised SB (i'm in bb) AQ and getting rope-a-doped until the river when I checked behind. Thought he might of been on a draw or just hit jacks, or 5's .. etc, but slowed down when i made a decent turn bet and he called again..

Anyways... I haden't played anything for awhile again... In the meantime there's somethin ridiculous like 5 split pot all-in's in a row... Everytime it seems like someones gonna get knocked out the river creates a split pot.. Seriously ridiculous... Anyways finally I have the best hand on I've seen in three rotations.. Ducks! .. wo0t. pocket 2's.. lol.. I still have 95k w/5-10k blinds, 1k ante's... and get one mid position caller.. So here goes' my tight, strong, leaks finally plugged (prior to early on in the tourney that is..) game, and I push.. which in my mind wasn't too bad.. I had been being shown respect for awhile as I had been barely playing any hands.. Last two shown down was AK against AJ, and JJ against AK ... which I had won both... I haden't played any hands now in at least 3 rotations and was on the button with one limper and 2 mid-low stack blinds.. The problem here is that I didn't bother to note the limper was the chipleader by a comfortable margin, and thought about it for maybe 7-8 seconds and called. He flips QK and flops a queen. Sure I could of waited a bit longer for something better than deuces here, but I was more disapointed with my negligence in not paying attention to the stack size of the limper -- I already had the blinds sizes and their past play (and most recent play noted in my head - and was thinking of pushing minus any raises pre when it got to me) but (w/o paying close attention to his stack size) believe he was to weak to call my AI -- which I imagine would of held up to be true with almost any other stack at the table particularly since the action at this point for the most part is just folding around the table... I actually dont' mind my push their that much - the stack size leak.

Sorry for the lack of HH. I'll fix it. !


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